Thursday, 21 February 2013

Been a while!

I guess the title sums it up nicely, 2 1/2 years since I looked at this thing! A lot has happened in that time, some good, some bad, some bloody awful, but in the end things have all worked out for the best :)

I've still not really got much of an idea on what I'd like to tell the world, but some things that I'll more than likely bring up at some point will be:

1. Poi - My girlfriend has been teaching me on and off for around 6 months now, I love it and will hopefully be doing my own fire routine during the summer :)

2. Science - I'm a geek and proud! I get very excitable about things (the pictures from the Mars Curiosity had me ranting like a chipmunk on speed), so I'll no doubt start yabbering on about life, the universe and everything................42

3. Music - A big passion of mine, I love Metal but am also partial to a bit of swing and have even been known to do Garth Brooks on the ol karaoke lol I've just started trying to learn the tin whistle (I'm half Irish so it's kinda in the genes).

4. LARP - Live Action Role Play, no not the kinky type of role play, more like real(ish) life Dungeons & Dragons, forget what you may have seen on Role Models, we at Curious Pastimes do it a thousand times better!

There'll be other things I'll go on about, if anyone has any interesting topics, suggestions or ideas then let me know :)

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